• Alicia Paz

Radically Accepting Being a B Student

Now that I am in Graduate School again, many feelings have come up about being a student. I was not a great student in the past. I was in Honors-level classes; I studied for 12 hours for tests while my friends skimmed the night before. I attended math camp, had tutors, and was punished at home for bad grades. To my immigrant father, grades were the most important thing, and anything less than an A was not acceptable. It made things challenging since I was not an A student and didn't come home with perfect report cards. I often lied, hid, and made excuses for less-than-ideal grades.

College didn't go much better grade-wise. I found it very challenging to keep up. I viewed graduate school (which I honestly thought was an accident and awaited a letter saying this was a mistake until the day of orientation) as a fresh start and expected to spend 12 hours on every assignment. However, the teaching style wa