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DBT Live Skills Group

Payment Terms:

Following a student's free trial period, payment will be charged monthly via Stripe. This payment will display as Online Coping Skills LLC on statements. Payments will be automatically made on the same day and time every month a student remains signed up. To cancel payments and membership at any time, do so under your profile. You will still have access to the site until your next payment due date. 


Members of the regular plan receive:

  • Weekly live virtual DBT skills groups moderated by a DBT therapist and a DBT graduate

  • All 4 modules of DBT skills videos

  • A community page for interaction with other students

  • Message to gain support from a trained DBT therapist

  • Monthly 30-minute individual private sessions with a trained DBT therapist

Refund Policy:​

Refunds will not be given. By signing up for this plan, you agree to this policy. Please cancel before your next payment date if you wish to leave the community.

Protection of Content:​

Unauthorized distribution of Online DBT Skills content is strictly prohibited. This includes: sharing log-in information, worksheets, videos, recordings, or links with those who are not members. If a student would like to share content for educational purposes with a support person including mental health professionals please e-mail Alicia to discuss options that maintain confidentiality.


DBT skills coaching isn't a replacement for therapy or other mental health services. It is to help guide you in using DBT skills. Alicia Paz M.A. is not providing therapy services via this platform. If you need those services, Alicia advises you to seek them out locally. Many DBT skills coaching clients are also enrolled in individual or group therapy. Additionally, Alicia's employee Kat has access to the coaching calendar.

Additionally, we are not able to accept minors into the program at this time. We only accept those 18 years and older.

Removal of Students:​

Online DBT Skills group rules can be found on the cohort and community pages. If a student breaks a rule repeatedly, they will be asked to leave. If the hate speech rule is broken, a student may be removed without warning. In both instances, a refund will not be given. 


Online DBT Skills utilizes the following to protect students' privacy:​

  • HIPAA compliant Zoom for Healthcare Professionals. Both groups and individual coaching sessions use this Zoom which is password protected and with a waiting room for groups.

  • A third-party site (The Mighty Network/TMN) is used for the community page and messaging. Access is only available to enrolled students. Their privacy policy can be found here

  • Messaging on TMN is only available between hosts and students. Students cannot message each other.

  • Depending on the notification settings chosen by the student, emails may be sent to the student's listed email account containing information about content or events. Push notifications may may be sent if using the TMN app.

  • Students are STRONGLY discouraged from connecting with each other outside of TMN and will be removed from the program for doing so.

  • Students are welcome to use a different name on Zoom as well as on TMN. Hosts will refer to members by the display name.

  • Students are encouraged to share in group and on the community page but are never pressured nor directly asked to do so. Students are able to maintain their own boundaries around what they choose to share.

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