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Individual DBT
Skills Coaching

Take learning DBT skills to the next level!
Are you enrolled in an online DBT Program but would like more support? Have you graduated from a DBT program and are struggling to maintain skill expertise? Or have you taught yourself DBT skills and need some help? We have you covered.
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I worked with Alicia through a very difficult time in my life. She was very supportive and helped me to understand myself, and to accept myself as well. She gave me tools that I often refer to, and I love the follow-up sheets.


Talking to Alicia also feels a lot less clinical than I have experienced before - she is professional, but it feels more relaxed and comfortable, and therefore, I felt less like something was "wrong" with me.


DBT skills coaching isn't a replacement for therapy or other mental health services you may be receiving.  It is to help guide you in using DBT skills.  Alicia Paz M.A is not providing therapy services via this platform, and if you need those services, Alicia advises you to seek those out locally.  Many DBT skills coaching clients are also enrolled in individual or group therapy.

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How do DBT skills coaching work?

DBT Skills Coaching is a regular meeting with DBT Therapist Alicia Paz MA. You'll first create a action plan addressing your Target Behaviors (TBs) that you want to decrease or increase. Then you'll discuss skills to help achieve your goal. You can also plan for difficult situations or work through specific skills issues.

Skills Coaching may be right for you if...

You are seeking more support in using DBT skills.

You are knowledgeable in DBT skills & could use help making them work for you.

You struggle with when to use skills or what skill to use when.

You are seeking guidance in using DBT skills.


When is DBT Coaching not appropriate?


If you are in crisis or an immediate risk to yourself or others, DBT skills coaching may not be the level of care you need at this moment. However, DBT skills coaching is an excellent space to de-brief a challenging situation, review how and when DBT skills may be applied differently, and use skills in future distressing situations.

What is the cost of DBT skills coaching?

Coaching is sold in packages, so clients have the time to identify target behaviors and work on goals.


Five sessions $1250

Ten sessions $2000 (20% off)

How do I learn more or get started?


Book a consult to ensure this is a good fit, and ask any questions you may have.


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