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Online DBT
Professional Training

Are you a mental health professional looking for a professional training program to learn DBT skills to help clients?

Check out our new DBT training program.

We understand that even seasoned professionals have more learning to do. Our program includes a few keys we have found to help solidify learning:

  • Self-paced video course to learn the material

  • Ask a DBT therapist and a DBT graduate questions

  • Free digital workbook with helpful worksheets for clients

  • Professional community for connection and expanded learning.

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What is Included?

We understand that even seasoned professionals need some support in learning. Our program includes five keys we have found to help solidify learning; a self-paced course to learn the material, the ability to ask questions, a workbook with helpful worksheets for clients, a resource library, and a professional community for connection and expanded learning.

I am a 69-year-old retired mental health professional. I love to learn...I think this course is fantastic!
I found the  course interesting.  Where I work, we just started using DBT in order  to help our clients with mental health issues.  I liked how you gave different examples in order to reach those of us with different learning styles and understandings.
I thought the lectures were very practical and easy to follow. The course was very helpful in handling patients with anxiety and focusing issues.
Very relevant and helpful information. It covers many skills that could be helpful in the therapy room as well as simply in daily life!
Each lesson was short, useful, and to the point.

I am a holistic psychotherapist. As someone who is been in the field for 45 years, and has studied a wide variety of techniques.

I found this course incredibly comprehensive, easily understandable, and delivered in a very friendly way.

I work on an ACT Team with individuals living with Severe Mental Illnesses. I will definitely be using this in my work. Thank you!
I absolutely loved her class! Very in-depth but also easy to comprehend, she also does an amazing job at introducing innovative DBT skills, so even if you have a previous certification I highly recommend her classes.

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