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Our webinars are an opportunity to expand your DBT skills knowledge without joining our live group or self-paced programs. And our current students can benefit from them as well!

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Tips for Starting DBT

Alicia (DBT therapist), Kat (DBT peer graduate) and Alyssa (DBT peer graduate) share tips and tricks for starting DBT. There will be time for questions!

DBT Mindfulness:
Skills for Staying Grounded

Learn 4 useful mindfulness skills from DBT that will help you stay grounded in times of dissociation or distress.

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Peer Panel.png

Holiday DBT:
5 DBT skills to help you this holiday season

Alicia (DBT therapist) and Kat (DBT peer graduate) teach you 5 DBT skills that you can use to get through the holidays, followed by a little time for questions.

Diary Cards:
All you need to know

Join Alicia and Kat, as well as a few more DBT graduates, as they explain the intimidating practice of DBT diary cards and answer your questions.


Peer Panel:
How we use our DBT skills

Join 3 DBT graduates as they share their most-used skills, tips & tricks for learning DBT, and answer your questions.

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