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Online DBT
Skills Group 

Join the most supportive DBT skills training program

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Looking for support in learning DBT skills?

Struggling with identifying and regulating emotions?

Want to learn DBT skills alongside others focused on the same goals?

Seeking help with building or re-building relationships?

Looking to build a life worth living?


Online DBT Group

With our Online DBT Group Course, you'll not only receive access to our comprehensive DBT course, but you'll also have the support of an entire group of peers and a DBT-trained Therapist. At the same time, you learn DBT skills to improve mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and tolerance for stressful situations.


  • Weekly Live Sessions Mondays 5:30-6:45 pm PST/8:30-9:45 pm EST led by a DBT Therapist and Peer (recorded if you cannot attend.)

  • Weekly email with DBT worksheets, videos, and more

  • A monthly 30 min. 1-on-1 session with our owner and DBT Therapist, Alicia Paz, M.A

  • DBT Skills Self-Paced Video Course

  • Online Peer Community

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Chat directly with a DBT Therapist between sessions




Peer & Therapist

Questions answered live


Hear from our Therapist, Alicia Paz, about what makes our program so comprehensive

Alicia Paz M.A


In 2013, Alicia created an online DBT course, the first of its kind to offer all modules for self-paced education as well as individual skills coaching. Through this program, she has brought DBT coping skills to over 9,500 students in 118 countries.

Alicia facilities our group, facilitates office hours and offers DBT skills coaching to students and private clients. 

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Kat Schultz


After completing a DBT program as a young adult, Kat gained the tools to create their 'Life Worth Living.' Since then, she has carved out a niche for herself as a DBT writer. They wrote the new content for

Kat is a graduate student in Social Work and facilities our DBT group. Kat brings a unique peer perspective to our program.

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Group Calls

Live Group

Our cohort group meets every Monday from 5:30 pm-6:45 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST), and all live sessions are recorded. The program is six months long. Gain access to a live 75-minute weekly group skills training session recorded for those who cannot attend. Students can ask questions, learn skills, and gain invaluable feedback live. Being on camera is optional and not in the recording.


Weekly Homework

Receive a weekly e-mail including video content, worksheets, and other content to stay on track with your learning. 

Monthly 30-minute Individual Session

Engage in a monthly private coaching session to better understand skills, review worksheets, and get personalized DBT help from a DBT therapist.

Navigating in Woods

DBT Course

There are over 50 DBT skills in the course on this platform but don't worry, each one is in video format, and you are welcome to learn the skills at your own pace.

The four modules include Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

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Group Hike


Join a moderated community with other DBT learners. Gain support from students, including an open post format, weekly check-in questions, and prompts. Discuss your struggles and successes with a group of kind and like-minded individuals.

Taking notes in class

Weekly Office Hours

Join DBT-Trained Therapist Alicia Paz M.A and other students in open sessions to ask questions, share homework and gain further help.

Our Students Say

Young woman
"What a fantastic program! It completely fulfills everything I had been looking for in a DBT program and I’m so happy with it! I’m forever grateful for Alicia and Kat for sharing their incredible talents in an effort to help people lead a higher quality of life. They’ve truly set me up for success. Thank you!"
enrollment is open

Join now and engage in our community, course, office hours, individual sessions, & more then dive into our live group.


Inside Our Group

Group Size

We cap our groups to skill teaching and student questions to 10-15 students.


  • 10 minutes mindfulness

  • 5 minutes "Diary Card" check-in

  • 45 minutes skills taught live

  • 15 minutes open time for questions


Cameras are optional in group and recordings include only presenters.

Students are welcome to change their user names for more privacy.

Your privacy is of the important to us, our privacy policy is here

Since 2013

Students Taught




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