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From Alicia Paz, M.A.

Alicia Paz’s professional Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  journey began in 2010 when she received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Alicia has helped those struggling with mental health issues in prison, jail, outpatient, and community settings but her passion lies in making DBT coping skills more accessible to the general public. The therapy program suffers from long wait-lists and insurance complications which often make it difficult for patients to access. She seeks to improve this situation through her public DBT skills courses. 


In 2013, Alicia created an online DBT course, the first of its kind to offer all modules for self-paced education as well as individual skills coaching. Through the program, she has brought DBT coping skills to over 9,500 students in 119 countries. In August 2020, Alicia expanded her DBT offerings by launching a community DBT platform that adds live group sessions to the courses and skills coaching. She is also writing a DBT workbook for children to help them cope with distress that will be available in 2023.


When not pouring her heart and soul into her work, Alicia enjoys spending time with her children, and dog. 

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Alicia Paz, M.A.

Owner & Instructor

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