Alicia Paz, M.A.

Alicia Paz M.A, has worked in the mental health and addiction field as a counselor for over seven years and has spent the past six years teaching DBT coping skills online to over 2,000 students in 80 countries. After earning a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2010, she began her journey in helping those struggling with mental health issues through social service providers in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, she created an online Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) course, the first of it's kind to offer all modules live as well as individual skills coaching. Since that time, she has also created two children, traveled and worked to coordinate care for vulnerable adults dealing with mental health and addiction issues through a Medicaid company. 

It's been quite the odyssey with experience working in prison, jail, outpatient and community settings.  What has always stood out as the highlight of her career has been her time teaching DBT in an online format. In 2018, Alicia began offering courses on a variety of topics including coping skills for depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors on the Udemy platform. By the end of 2019, courses for all four DBT modules will be available online through Udemy. 

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