• Melissa Ballard LCSW

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude the Realistic Way

Have an attitude of gratitude! That sentence used to annoy me. Why? It seemed trite and silly. There was/is/will be so MUCH going on in the world. Have you read the news?! Be grateful for what, pray tell? Then, one day it finally made sense. I couldn’t tell you why it made sense suddenly, but it did.

The point is not to focus on the misgivings, abject hatred or peculiarities of my fellow people…but to focus on the beauty that exists. Sometimes, that beauty exists even within the monster.

Think about it. We focus so much on getting rid of what we perceive as bad, but then upon further examination we learn that while the thing, whatever it is, may be a nuisance…it may not be bad.

Dandelions. The bane of every gardener’s existence. They pop up everywhere and seemingly reduce the beauty of a well-kept garden. You're constantly plucking and pulling, spraying and tending. Step away from the garden for one week and you’ll have as many dandelions as days!

But are they truly bad? They are a favorite of our besties, the honeybee. If we choose to consume the flowers ourselves, they can help reduce blood pressure and bloating. If we choose to consume the leaves, they can help our livers. There are many medicinal remedies to be found in what we consider a nuisance.

So, what of other things in our lives that many of u