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DBT Holiday Wishlist

Tis the season to purchase some gifts and maybe your friends and family are asking what to get you? Maybe you are purchasing for someone you know who utilizes DBT skills? This is a list of DBT-based items at different price points and with some suggestions for whom it is for. This list could also be useful if you are looking for a gift for a friend who could use some self-care and is focusing on their mental health. This is meant as a light-hearted list of people in your life. No affiliate links or paid content below.

For the old group mate who you bonded with over as you both filled out your diary card while sitting in the parking lot five minutes before class.

A cheat sheet of DBT and CBT skills that can be kept in the car or purse for easy access to skills. Perfect for a last-minute cram session or a reminder of skills.

DBT flashcards

For the friend who may need to slow down

A gentle and fashionable reminder to be more present

Beaded bracelete with the word "pause"

For the family member who sits on the floor even when there are chairs available to be closer to nature

A colorful floor cushion, and although sitting on the floor might not be for comfort this doubles as a meditation cushion.

Colorful beaded floor cushion

For the kid at Christmas who you want to introduce mindfulness to

Learn yoga and hold poses for less than a minute, makes this a fast paced and easy yoga practice. My kids also LOVE Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

yoga activity blocks

For the friend on a 12-month DBT waitlist who could use some help sooner

Have you heard about these awesome DBT courses online 😊 it's not a substitute for therapy, but can provide education and support while on a waitlist, a DBT clinic isn't within reach (DBT map here for providers) or if you learn best at your own pace. I teach all four modules of DBT online as well as a DBT for Depression course and a live RO DBT course coming in 2020. The courses can also be purchased as gifts on desktop bottom is top right.

DBT Courses Online

For the friend who still carries a pen and notepad

Buy a nice leather personalized notepad, a good place to process, journal, write a poem or doodle but look like you are writing the next great novel.

leather notebook

For the friend who could use a little nudge in life to keep going

These stickers are both motivating and light-hearted, did you not cry at work? put on pants today or only eat one ice cream, one cookie, one doughnut AND maybe also one muffin- here is a sticker to celebrate small victories!

adulting stickers

For the friend who lists an inspiration quote on her Instagram profile

This pink and white mug is perfect for a mindful cup of coffee and a subtle reminder of DBT Radical Acceptance.

For the friend who owns 8 DBT books and quotes Linehan every chance they get

So your friend is a DBT expert, as much as I want to suggest some kind of DBT Jeopardy someone so focused on the skills may still need a reminder of DBT to feel like home but also a way to carry all those books! (this is also in my cart at this very moment!)

tote reads maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Dialetical Behavioral Therapy with roses in the middle

If you decide to go with a present or just the gift of friendship (which is truly priceless) I hope you have a great holiday season! If this wasn't your best year yet, I hope 2020 brings you some great use of skills and happiness 💗

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