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Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Braman

If you've ever been in our live Dialectical Behavior Therapy group or simply spent any time with Alicia or myself, you know that we love a good feelings wheel. A feelings or emotion wheel is a wheel full of feelings words that you can use to describe how you're feeling when you're having difficulty doing so.

The artist and therapist Lindsay Braman takes feelings wheels to the next level. She created an emotion-sensations wheel to assist folks in figuring out how to name their feelings based on what's happening in their body, such as clenched fists indicating anger. Similarly, Braman created an emotion-behaviors wheel that helps people name their emotions based on what behaviors they're doing. For example, if you're biting your nails, you may be feeling anxious. These wheels go beyond a list of adjectives to really give you a path to figuring out what you're feeling. Braman even created a pizza feelings wheel for kids!

Braman creates much more than these feelings wheels. She turns many therapeutic concepts and skills into easily understandable art and worksheets. She created a personal crisis plan template that is free to download for all. It helps you organize your triggers, coping skills, and more all in one place to turn to when you're experiencing a crisis.

Alicia and I frequently refer to Braman's emotion wheels in our work and in our personal lives. We are a great supporter of all that she does for our mental health community.

You can find Lindsay Braman at her website.


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