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Word of the Year for 2024

In 2020, I started spending my New Year's thinking about a word or intention going into the year. I found this helpful and more attainable (and fun) than resolutions.

In 2020, it was RISK; oh boy, little did I know what was to come.

2021 was BALANCE as I recovered and grieved from 2020.

2022 was a JOY; I traveled more, enjoyed my free time, and felt more present.

2023 was PATIENCE. I wrote about it here.

2024's word of the year is ACTION. Now that life has settled in, I want to focus on some things. From using the Peloton that sits in my corner getting dusty, to taking a big trip with my kids this summer, to staying on top of my dental cleanings- it's time to stop putting things off or researching it for hours and put things into action.

Although I learned about it in a workshop focused on goal setting, this blog post does a great job of breaking it down step-by-step:

Does anyone have any other end-of-year traditions or want to share their word of the Year or intention for 2024?


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