• Alicia Paz

DBT Lessons from a Mediocre Casserole

I am not much of a cook, but 11 months ago I signed up for a subscription to a food and recipe magazine in hopes of expanding my horizons. After 11 months I received the renewal notice to continue receiving this magazine and I realized I have never even made a recipe from it. I have dog-eared many recipes, chatted about it with my kids and even dreamed about the final product. Last week, prior to grocery shopping, I decided this was the week to make something out of the magazine. If nothing else I felt like I needed to get my $25/year worth and to see if it's worth the $25 to renew for the next 12-month cycle.

As you can see from the photo below, things didn't work out so well. What is also not pictured is a sink full of dishes and the dogs who ate some fallen chili that didn't end so well. So using some Mental Health advice as well as some DBT skills, let's talk about where things went wrong and where things went right.

What went wrong:

1) I didn't read the directions correctly: I skimmed things and jotted down the ingredients I needed to make it. I forgot the corn, cheese, and 1 pack of cornbread.