• Alicia Paz

What It's Like Teaching on Udemy

Funnily enough, the number one question I get asked isn't about my course content. Instead I get numerous questions about teaching on Udemy. So, I figured I would explain this to you all! Feel free to comment with additional questions.

First, teaching online is far from passive income. I spend many hours updating social media, promoting my courses, marketing, and networking to gain more students. I actually often spend more hours doing that part than recording, editing and uploading.

It takes a lot of time. My first course took 150 hours of filming and easily another 100 hours of editing, social media, sending e-mails, website building. I even had a business partner, tech help and a graphic designer helping me! I currently work within "seasons:" the filming/editing season and the maintenance season. I try to film in bulk, so will sit for hours sometimes very late at night doing so. Maintenance is usually much shorter spans of time doing mostly social media work and engaging current students while working on gaining new ones.

Filming/Editing Season (per month) = 57 - 65 hours

  • 3-4 days of shooting = 24 - 32 hours

  • Editing videos = 3 hours

  • Social Media = 1 hour a day

Maintenance Season (per month) = 38 - 68 hours

  • Social Media = 1 - 2 hours a day

  • Student engagement = 1 hour a week