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The So-Called "Dangers" of Working with the Mentally Ill

Although I was asked this more when I worked in a prison, when I meet someone new and tell them what I do and the kind of people I work with day-to-day, I often get a shocked look and the question: "do you feel safe?" It seems shocking, especially to those who spend their day in an office, that my career involves visiting homeless camps, psychiatric inpatient units, and clients' homes.

So let me share the worst work injury I have every experienced in my 8+ years working with those with mental health issues.


That's right. A bruised knee.

Now, you might ask: 'who did this to you?'

So here's the full story from my worst injury working in the social work field:

I fell going up the stairs. Period.

Besides the above knee bruise I had another issue arise during my incident:

I spilled my coffee.

What a dangerous job I have, right!

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