• Lex Ellis (he/she/they)

Love Your Dandelions

If you're a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) veteran, you have probably heard of the story of the man and his yard and dandelions. If not, allow me to tell you the story now. There was a man who took pride in his yard and he did everything he could to make it look perfect at all times. He loved to have it perfectly pruned. Every blade of grass had to be just so. He finished his lawn maintenance and looked on with pride. As he was beaming at his hard work, he noticed a dandelion in the middle of his perfection project. He wasn't going to stand for this at all and immediately got to work to get rid of the unwanted weed. He tried to cut it out of his lawn, but more grew back. He decided he would try some weed killer in an attempt to get his unblemished lawn back. It worked for a while, but then the dandelions grew back again. Becoming very frustrated now, he decided he would start all over with his lawn. This would surely fix the problem. He bought fresh sod to lay down in his yard. Finally, everything was perfect again! He thought he had finally beaten the battle with the persistent dandelions. With a feeling of triumph, he beamed at his lawn once more. Then he saw it. Another dandelion!