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All my favorite FREE DBT resources

I woke up to two messages yesterday both asking for the same thing. I receive this type of message a lot. People want DBT help and DBT resources. As much as they need the help, they also lack something that makes obtaining DBT difficult- money! Both of those e-mails yesterday stated they had no income at the moment and were struggling. They said they needed DBT and were reaching out for help. That's when it hit me, my DBT students and general public needs a list of free DBT resources. These resources don't replace formal treatment from a trained professional, but it's a starting point and accessible to many. I will be updating this blog post as time passes. Feel free to comment with suggestions!


Bay Area DBT has been creating the Skillful podcast for years, it's great, insightful and concise covering a wide range of DBT topics.

Charles Swenson may have the oldest DBT podcast and it's done in collaboration of the NEABPD covers a variety of topics including DBT and current events

DBT & Me is a great journey through the DBT skills with two therapists who bring some levity to the topic.


A great introduction to DBT with some worksheets.

DBTSelfHelp is the top DBT website with over 500 pages of information from videos to exercises and even some personal articles from the original author. [Disclosure: I do co-own the site as of the end of 2019 and it is currently being remodeled to make finding items much easier.]

Tumblr continues to be a great spot for those seeking DBT insight, posts and information. DBT Skills is a great page and covers current topics as well. [Disclosure: I hired the founder of this site, Kat, as my assistant in August 2020]

There is a lot of help at getselfhelp. This UK site has lots of information including handouts.

Therapistaid is mostly for therapists seeking worksheets and has some great DBT worksheets adapted from other DBT books for students you can print out. They even have many in Spanish.

Pinterest. Pinterest has a lot of great links to DBT resources and it's always good to see a reminder to use DBT skills in unlikely places.

ZurInstitute has a great resource list including information for professionals.

Instagram has a very active DBT community. Check out accounts like @dbtwisdom, @dbt_skills, and our account @onlinedbtskills for both skills and lived experience content.

What are your favorite free DBT resources?


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