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New DBT Self Help Owners!


I am excited to announce that my partner and I are the new owners of As many of you know, I have been teaching DBT skills online for almost 6.5 years. In that time, I have made so many great friends and connections in the community. I have known Lisa Dietz from since the beginning and have connected with her many times throughout that time frame. Lisa made the decision this year to sell the site so that it could be updated and the remain a source of free information about DBT. Lisa created the site and has maintained it for two decades with the help of the BPD and DBT community. Continuing on with Lisa's amazing work, we will be updating the site’s look and feel, creating social media accounts, and developing additional content from peers and professionals.

I am excited to continue the work Lisa Dietz and the DBT community has done over the last 18 years and am looking forward to what lies ahead. I will post information and updates on social media, so please follow (links here) for updates including how to get involved and give feedback. will remain a free, open source for DBT information.

For any questions please contact us at

Thank You,

Alicia Paz & Mike Bodine

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