• Eileen Ward

Creating Mindfulness for Kids through Sleep Routines

Creating a relaxing environment before bedtime can help children, especially those prone to anxiety, or ADHD, wind down at the end of the day. As part of a neurodivergent family, I recognize how essential routines are and how much we struggle to create and maintain them.

These are suggestions of things my family finds helpful. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don’t. Be kind to yourself as a parent and know you’re doing your best.

My child loves water, so baths at night are a great way to help her wind down. The warm water is soothing and helps calm her nervous system, preparing her for sleep.

My child also loves when we snuggle in her bed. She will frequently use this time to read to us or cuddle her stuffed animals and talk to them. She will also use this time to share things about her day and solve problems. Having a trusted adult to talk to in this safe environment is a great resource.