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Enrollment is open for the next live online DBT group session. Enrollment ends on December 16th. 

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Freshen up your skills and learn some new ones from all four DBT modules, in a new all-in-one course.

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Join us for live DBT group sessions and also get access to skill building videos and an online community of supportive peers.

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Get individual help learning skills and practicing DBT from a DBT-trained therapist.

What People Are Saying


As a long term sufferer of PTSD, depression, and anxiety, finding or remembering coping mechanisms can be very hard. I love that I can easily look up a method and watch it wherever I need to. This is a great supplement to when I need a little extra help between counseling and psychiatrist appointments.


This course is a fantastic introduction to DBT. As someone who has had anxiety their entire life, I never realized how much I didn't learn to name emotions and practice mindfulness. This course is so helpful in giving you understanding of things you didn't even realize you might be struggling with. Highly recommend.


I am a retired PhD psychotherapist and took this course to gain an initial understanding of DBT. Alicia Paz is an amazing teacher who clearly knows this subject and has a very engaging teaching presence. Excellent course! Thank you!

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What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combined with Zen Buddhism that helps students identify negative thinking patterns and gain healthy coping skills. Although DBT was created to treat those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD,) it has also shown success in treating other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The goal of DBT is to find the middle path, decrease intense emotions, improve interpersonal relationships, and learn effective coping skills for difficult times.  DBT focuses on learning skills relevant to the present situations people are dealing with in order to lead a more rewarding life.

How does DBT online skills training work? 

DBT online classes allow students to choose if they want to learn at their own pace on Udemy or attend a 90-minute live bi-monthly DBT group, gain support from other students on a community platform and message a DBT-trained therapist for even more guidance. Students can learn a variety of DBT skills from all four modules and decide what skills work best for their unique situation. Private DBT Skills Coaching is available for those seeking even more assistance.

What are DBT skills?

DBT skills are what DBT is all about. Each of the four DBT modules includes many coping skills to help with a variety of issues such as regulating intense emotions, handling conversations with difficult people, and managing painful and intrusive thoughts. The core of DBT skills is mindfulness, a way to slow yourself down and begin becoming more aware of your body and thoughts. All DBT skills rewire your brain and offer more effective and healthier coping skills