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NEW DBT Community & Course Page

After seven years of teaching DBT online and hearing a lot of feedback about the self-paced courses and decided to make some amazing strides in offering more to students!

✅ Live DBT sessions that mimic in-person DBT

✅ Access directly to a DBT-trained therapist

✅ 24/7 community page to connect with other students

✅ Unlock all four modules in video form

✅ Loads more handouts and worksheets

There are also two great options for students, if you already completed the DBT courses, self-learning or have completed a DBT program and needing support but not the courses- there is a plan that is only the community page so you can ask questions and access a DBT-therapist directly. If you are seeking full-DBT including all the features above there is a bundle plan for you as well.

Learn the DBT skills and get the support you need!

Right now there is introductory pricing (which locks in the monthly price forever) for the bundle plan and a two week FREE TRIAL!

The first monthly welcome meeting to come say hello 👋 is this Sunday, July12th

Hope to see you all in class!


PS- The Udemy courses are still available.

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