• Alicia Paz

What is DBT Skills Coaching?

As I dive into my 7th year teaching DBT online, there are certain topics that continue to come up. I often get asked if there are any DBT tutors or similar to help with accountability, understanding skills, etc. There is! It's called DBT skills coaching.

DBT skills coaching is

  • Individual time with a trained therapist

  • A place to ask specific and often personal questions

  • Space to create a personalized plan for future situations in which using DBT skills will be vital (ex: that pesky family reunion!)

  • A place to review skills used including diary cards

  • A way to get some tips and examples in using skills

DBT skills coaching is NOT

  • For those in a crisis regarding their mental health

  • Urgent "I need an answer now" space

  • Useful if you haven't tried a skill already

  • A way to begin learning DBT, skills coaching is for those who have an understanding of specific DBT skills

What DBT skills coaching looks like with me

  • You see my face, although you are welcome to do audio only or ask me to turn my video off.

  • Friendly and focused check-in about how using skills went since we last spoke

  • Collaborative conversation about how best to use this time, skill help, planning ahead, etc.