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What is DBT Skills Coaching?

As I dive into my 7th year teaching DBT online, there are certain topics that continue to come up. The online courses currently (this will be changing soon) are in video format, meaning the skills are taught via pre recorded videos as opposed to a two-way system of learning. For many this is a struggle and I often get asked if there are any DBT tutors or similar to help with accountability, understanding skills, etc. It's a lot to learn mostly on your own and with no group to guide you (once again...coming soon!) or professional to ask questions in the moment. I am happy to answer questions on Udemy and do almost daily, but there is another way to get DBT help that is more personal- DBT skills coaching.

I made a video a while back explaining it here, but since this post is about not learning only off of videos let me explain what DBT skills coaching is and isn't.

DBT skills coaching is

  • Individual time with a trained therapist

  • A place to ask specific and often personal questions

  • Create a personalized plan for future situations in which using DBT skills will be vital (that pesky family reunion!)

  • A place to review skills used including diary cards

  • Get some tips and examples in using skills

DBT skills coaching is not

  • For those in a crisis regarding their mental health

  • Urgent "I need an answer now" space

  • Useful if you haven't tried a skill already

  • A way to begin learning DBT, skills coaching is for those who have an understanding of specific DBT skills

What DBT skills coaching looks like with me

  • You see this face, although you are welcome to do audio only or ask me to turn my video off.

  • Friendly and focused check-in about how using the skills went since we last spoke

  • Collaborative conversation about how best to use this time, skill help, planning ahead, etc.

  • Follow up: E-mail list of skills discussed and any homework, followed up by a pdf with skills discussed.

  • 30-minutes or 60-minutes reoccurring often every other week or monthly

Who can benefit from DBT skills coaching?

Anyone wanting to gain more from their current DBT courses or the skills they learned prior. Many of my clients have long graduated from DBT and are seeking "graduate" assistance now that they don't have that type of support and most are in counseling but need more skills support.

How to get started:

Message me to chat about goals and decide if this is a good fit. Skills coaching is done in a private office via video chat after 5pm weekdays or early morning weekends PST. Let's chat!