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Why I Don't Have a Resource List

I have been doing DBT online for a while and people ask why I have no resource list. In order to feel comfortable referring someone I started a few years back reaching out and setting up a call with potential referrals. So now I vet people I may refer to and this list is small.

I’ve had many great chats with people through the years which is why the resource list is no more. Many students want more than I can offer such as counseling, diagnosing or someone with lived experiences and professional skills. They want services I don't offer and truth it I don't have the bandwidth to begin doing so. I have made great connections and last year had a wonderful chat with someone who has passion for what she does and also the knowledge and boundaries to be successful at it.

I had just that kind of chat with Jade at BPD Coach. She knows her stuff and has been doing it for quite a while. Jade was personable and light-hearted and offered an array of BPD support (& is very knowledgeable of DBT) including individual coaching, family group, various well moderated Facebook groups, email support with her own skill handouts and even 24/7 access to her by phone.

Jade is comfortable to talk to and provides some amazing services that are much needed in the community and I am so glad I reached out.

If you are needing some additional help with your BPD symptoms and want someone truly knowledgeable in DBT contact Jade.

Thanks Jade for doing all you do!

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