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What are the (Other) Online DBT Course Options

This week I wrote a brief Instagram post about how I don't see the other DBT options online as competition. We each provide a different lens in which to present DBT skills to students and also offer a variety of options to fit students needs. I am so grateful to the others who teach DBT online reaching more people with life-changing skills. Below is a chart to share options about what online DBT course options are available.

Disclaimer for transparency: Six years ago I formed DBT Path along with Debbie, the life coach who is continuing the work through the same business name. I tried to gather as much information from every company as I could and did not hear back from a few, thus there are three other DBT online programs I did not include; one had a broken link to sign up, another has no price listed and is taught by all licensed professionals including online individual counseling and another has an immediate paywall and I could not message or access information. I created the below chart with the intention of giving people options and included as much as I could with the space I had available. Any owners with corrections please message me I am happy to do so. I have also not enrolled in any of these courses to be able to tell you about quality of course. Pretty sure going undercover isn't in my business model ;)

Now that you see lots of options to learn DBT online you may want some guidance on how to choose.

Things to consider when choosing a program:

  1. Do you learn best via a live video chat or totally self-paced? Does the live session times work for your schedule and time zone? Some courses have a self-paced and live session options but most are all self-paced. Also from what I found most are in the U.S. which may or may not work for your time zone.

  2. Would you prefer a peer-led or Master's level professional to teach the course? Both have their benefits and one option has two facilitators, one peer and one Social Worker.

  3. Do you need to keep it cheap? Hey, let's be real here most of us are on a budget and although a $200+ month may be awesome it may not be possible to continue long-term, but may offer what works best for you when a $29.99 option may not.

  4. How much communication do you want? Maybe you want weekly e-mails and an online community or maybe you want to lay back and learn self-paced with a more hands off approach. Both are available and some don't offer any direct contact option with the instructor meaning it's 100% self-paced.

  5. Do you like the instructors personality? This is so important and can be hard to gage online. Some programs have free preview courses and you can also find many videos from most of these instructors on YouTube. This can help gage a good fit.

  6. What are the instructors experience? Whether someone is a peer, life coach or licensed professionals teaching DBT online or in person takes training and experience. Check out instructors biographies on their site, but go a step further and try to find them on Linkedin or other sites to check out how long they have been teaching DBT and what training (if any) they have. If you don't see it message them and ask.

  7. What if you have to quit? No matter what the reason there may come a time when you don't want to continue or are unable to. Check to see if there are refund options? Do you pay month-to-month or are locked into a longer-term financial plan.

Remember you are the consumer and in charge of who you give your money and trust to. No matter how you enroll in DBT online, there are many options now available with a variety of price points, instructors and format and I hope you find one that is right for you.