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DBT Emotion Regulation is LIVE!

Latest DBT is now live meaning three of the four modules are now on Udemy! It's been a busy two months working on this new course and I am proud to announce it's launch!

  • Do you struggle with over or under reacting?

  • Do you find it hard to control your emotions?

  • Is it difficult to complete tasks you need to because you feel "stuck" in an emotional state?

  • Would you like to learn skills to help a healthier emotional balance?

Emotion Regulation may be right for you! In this course you will receive:

  • Five hours of videos

  • 50 DBT skills

  • Taught by a trained DBT Therapist

  • Support throughout the course from a knowledgeable instructor and other students

To enroll in Emotion Regulation click HERE

To enroll in Distress Tolerance click HERE

To enroll in Mindfulness click HERE

Emotion Regulation, the fourth and final module will be live in August!

Feel free as always to message me with any question you may have about DBT or the course.

Take Care,

Alicia Paz

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