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Distress Tolerance Course is now public!

After 150 hours of research, filming, editing and uploading the new Distress Tolerance course is now public.

To enroll in DBT Distress Tolerance for $19.99 use code CURRENTSTUDENT

To share the code with others and keep the same price use code STUDENTREFERRAL

To begin your DBT journey with DBT Mindfulness use code STUDENTREFERRAL

In other great news, this week I was accepted into a Masters in Public Health (MPH) program. This will be my second Master's degree! I am excited to continue teaching DBT online and continue my educational journey this Fall.

The last two DBT modules Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness will be out this Summer, as well as a re-do to some of the Mindfulness videos since I have a new in-home studio.

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