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Mental Health and Acceptance

Recently I spent a few hours browsing Netflix, where I found a documentary about one of my "guilty pleasures." When I'm not working, filming, editing or caring for my children, I spend my spare time watching male makeup artists. I'm not sure what is so fascinating about them. Although I don't wear much makeup myself, the artistry and the personality is all one big package I enjoy. I spend hours watching live videos late into the night.

While flipping though Netflix, I found Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty & the Beast in Me. I remember seeing Kevyn in my adolescence and watching his artistry and outgoing personality. The documentary was amazing; open, honest and insightful from others' perspectives since he passed in 2012.

The documentary goes into detail about his issues regarding being adopted, his sexuality, and the acceptance he got from his family and those he worked with in the beauty industry. It was amazing to see how he bloomed and shot to success in the field.

The documentary was also heart-breaking at times. Hearing his birth mom speak about how if he was raised by her he wouldn't be gay because she would "whip him" was deeply troubling. So was watching his health crumble and his mental demons overtake him.

I never talk publicly about celebrities, tweet @ anyone for followers or fame, but I was happy to see some mention of this Netflix movie on Twitter. Even if you aren't into celebrities or makeup, I recommend this film for the message of acceptance and being a self starter. Kevyn was ambitious, smart, motivated and took huge risks. Although he passed early due to chronic pain and an associated medication addiction, I still find so much I look up to and wish I had a lot of Kevyns trait's.