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New Year Goal Setting

Dear Potential Students,

It's been quite the year for many of us and I am glad you are still here <3 I appreciate each and everyone of you and am always happy to hear feedback from students.

For many the holidays can be difficult and the New Year can bring its own set of challenges. Many make resolutions, create goals to make a fresh start or looking back on successes and areas of improvement part of their year end ritual. This can be useful for some, but hurtful for many. Focusing on things that did not go well, can feel like massive failures. Goal setting can lead to a sense of worthlessness- why didn't I do this 5 years ago? Why would I be successful this time when I haven't in the past? Why even try? Here's some skills for you to help with expectations, regret and strong emotions around holidays and memories.

From the Udemy course; Wise Mind can be useful in working through things. Start thinking of your black and white thinking and where the truth may lie. Are you lonely, or just currently physically alone? Is this loneliness or are you not use to down time? Are you alone for the next 3 days, but have many friends and are usually not lonely?

Another new skill to use (not in the course) from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is Building Mastery. Focus on some of your new skills or skills you already have and practice it. This might include practicing in more social settings such as in coffee shops, reading more about skills, find similar skills or keeping up with practicing them.

Distraction can be a great skill for times of loneliness and change, this can look like going on a walk, changing the channel on the TV or taking a break from an emotion or task to do something else. The new dance doesn't need to be big or interesting; taking a bath, walking around the block or reading are all easy and free.

Many Mindfulness skills as well are useful for stress, loneliness and handling the holidays. As well as many great Youtube mindfulness videos, there are also many great ones offered on Udemy. Keep in mind mindfulness doesn't need to be silent, or mediation, or involve 60 minutes at a time. Square breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness walking and mindfully drinking a cup of tea are all great places to start a mindfulness routine.

I wish you all well as 2018 comes to an end and into 2019. There are many things to come for Online Coping Skills as well as into 2019 and I look forward to sharing those with you in a few short weeks. Feel free to reach out with any questions, ask in Q&A and leave a review so I can continue building a great courses in mental health.

Take Care,

Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

©2018 by Online Coping Skills

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