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Challenges of Working From Home...Kind of

I work a lot. I have a full-time job, a part time job at a crisis center as well as Online Coping Skills. I have always stayed busy and have mostly worked 2+ jobs since I started working full-time at 1 years old.

When I taught online prior I was able to work from home doing so, 3rd bedroom become a corner office, a nanny watched my newborn (I retuned to work when he was 10 days old) and I was able to divide my time and space from personal to business. Few years (the same child is now 4) later I am in another state and in a smaller apartment with one more kid, no nanny and most importantly for this article no home office. I type this from my couch as my two children fight bedtime at 8:45pm.

Working form home has it's challenges, mostly in that no work gets done or completed at a much slower pace with so many distractions around. After many Google searches trying to find inexpensive office space, scouting coffee shops with odd hours and even attempting to rent conference rooms by the hour I found We Work. We Work is like a big swanky office you rent monthly with front desk, free coffee (and beer or cider) and it's also 4 blocks from work and on my way to the bus home- so no excuses not to stop in. It's full of other entrepreneurs and odd-ball business folk who are all friendly and helpful.

Although I still film at home (for now,) the space provides me some utility and also the ability to not be working from my couch or bed or trying to do laundry between Tweets. It took me a while to realize that ta-da that was a coping skill!

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