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Ready, Set, Shoot

Piece by piece, I have been ordering and using some new camera gear and equipment. Today the final piece arrived, the umbrella lights. The new umbrella lights will for sure help with the yellow in my skin and the darkness of the background. I live in Portland, Oregon so there isn't much natural sunlight especially since it's been snowing. This is the last piece to start on the videos. I posted a test introduction video on Youtube with the other equipment to see how things look overall- go check it out!


With under 60 days until launch I am eager to begin filming an editing. Previously I would record videos back to back for sometimes two hour straight (so hot under lights!) and then edit at my leisure throughout the week. The reason for this is below. I have two children and when I am kid-free is when I am working on the business.

Hope to see you in class soon!


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